A-Z HME Home Medical Equipment is proud to offer many services to their customers.

1.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff and customer service

2.  Home Delivery is available for store front locations.

3.  Drop shipment and White Glove Delivery available for specific products.

4.  Free consultation with a professional advisor.

     Please call 1.888.925.4463 for further information.

5.  Equipment repairs for store front locations.

6.  Customized equipment available for certain equipment selections.

     Please call 1.888.925.4463 for further information.

Residential Drop Ship Freight Services

1. Curbside Delivery:  During a residential curbside delivery, the driver will leave the product in the driveway or on the porch, as long as there are no steps leading to either. The customer is responsible for getting the product inside their home.

2. Front Door Delivery

3. White Glove Delivery:  White Glove service is the most involved delivery service that Golden Technoligies offers. In a White Glove service, a White Glove agent will:

  • Deliver the unit inside the customer's home
  • Unpack the unit
  • Set it up in the room of their choice
  • Connect the power
  • Remove all packing debris

During this type of delivery, there are certain terms and restrictions:

  • Before delivery, the customer must clear the space where the chair is to be set up, as well as a path leading to it.
  • If the agent must go up or down more than one flight of stairs, Golden must be notified when the order is placed. Agents will certainly do this, but additional fees may apply.
  • The determination of whether or not a living space is unsanitary is reserved to the discretion of the White Glove agent. If a White Glove agent feels a true and direct threat to his health and well-being, he will contact Golden, who will contact the dealer.
  • Agents have up to twelve days from the day the unit ships from Golden to deliver the unit, unless delay is due to unavailability of the end user or incliment weather.
  • Agents will conatct the end user beforehand, to schedule a delivery window; agents are not required to give less than a four-hour delivery window, although they may narrow that down if they can.
  • There is no training involved with White Glove delivery.


    3a. White Glove Rural Delivery Chart

    Please use the chart below in determining whether or not the delivery is to be classified RURAL using White Glove Delivery. If the Ship To zip code matches any of the first three digits or any of the entire zip codes below, the delivery is to be considered RURAL and a $130.00 additional charge will apply to the White Glove Fee. Please note that the $130.00 additional charge is already included when selecting the White Glove delivery option. If your zip code does not apply to the chart below then the $130.00 will be discounted at checkout.

    State Zip Codes Applicable for Beyond CHarges State Zip Codes Applicable for Beyond Charges
    Alabama 354-358,360,363,364,367-369  Nebraska  683-693
    Arizona 853,856,855,859,860,863-865  Nevada  893,894,898
    Arkansas 716-721,724-727,728,729  New Hampshire  035-037
    California 922,925,929-945,950-955,960,961  New Jersey  None
    Colorado 804-816  New Mexico  870,873-884
    Connecticut None  New York  129,136,137,139
    Delaware 199  North Carolina  278,279,285,289


    (All Florida Keys)

     North Dakota  ALL
    Georgia 304,305-310,315-319,398  Ohio  434,445
    Idaho ALL  Oklahoma  734-739,745-747,749
    Illinois 609,610,612-619,623-629  Oregon  971,973-979
    Indiana 465-467,475-477  Pennsylvania  155,158,163-169,177,188
    Iowa 502-508,510-514,520,521,525-528  Rhode Island  None
    Kansas 664-669,674-679  South Carolina  295,298,299
    Kentucky 408,409,411-427  South Dakota  ALL
    Louisiana 706,712-714  Tennessee  373,374,382-385
    Maine 039-049  Texas  754-759,763,764,766-769,776-779,788,790-798
    Maryland 206,215-218  Utah  843,845-847
    Massachusetts 012-016,025-027  Vermont  050-054,054,056-059
    Michigan 486-488,490-499  Virginia  224-231,238-246
    Minnesota 550,556-568  Washington  982,988,989,993,994,98013,98070,98110
    Mississippi 387-389,391,393-397  West Virginia  ALL
    Missouri 634-640,646-648,650-657  Wisconsin  538,539,541,542,544-549
    Montana ALL  Wyoming  ALL